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From: Michelle Riley

Hi Rolf,I'm having difficulty obtaining
the amount of finance I want in order
to purchase a 2nd IP.
It's been suggested I wait.
Very unattractive suggestion for
an impatient woman.
I'm presently with St George.
Have been to NRMA and Adelaide Bank.
I can get 75% of funds @ 7.25% with one phone call(Local group).This is not fixed.
Can use 25% from St George LOC(Portfolio).I'm looking to negative gear
and just hate the idea of not scoring one of these fantastic fixed rates,presently with most banks.
Could soon be 6%!
Besides this the lower rate allows
more monthly cash flow.
Any tips?
Cheers Michelle
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From: Rolf Latham

Hi Michelle

Not many cures for an impatient woman I'm afraid.

Id be tempted to take the money from the co-op. We may be able to get you 80 % or maybe even 90 % LVR, but as you are finding 90 % of smaller amount is still not flash.

ANZ could be another port of call for you !

Mail me please


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