Offer made- Homebush West

Hi All

I would really love you to share some thoughts..have posted a thread previously, but now really really seriously- about to purchase a 2bd unit and getting cold feet as this is my first IP.

Areas I had in mind were Homebush west or Westmead as both within my price range.

I like Homebush West as closer to Sydney CBD and good access to hume hwy, centenary drive (leading you to Rhodes, Top Ryde shopping).

I also like Westmead as closer to Parra CBD, big employment hub.

They both have train station which is a must for me...parks etc..

I am about to purchase but seem to be stuck. I keep thinking will Westmead grow faster than Homebush west due to employment in Parra??? development etc....??

so what are your views on CG in the areas?? Both have similar prices and rental return.

I just don't want to make a mistake!!!
Hiya Rafters

HW is prett diverse, depends on the street.

There are some very new places and some rather run down, but highish land content older properties

Hi there,

Why don't you take a drive around and have a look where the units are located. Is it close to shops / transport / school. Those are the factors that you need to consider too.

On a more personal note, I would prefer to live in Homebush.