offer to purchase which professionals advise or can act on my behalf.

offer to purchase which professionals advise or can act on my behalf.

buying a business
who advises
and can act on my behalf

eg accountant to advise if its a good business if the numbers stack up
and if i can in my circumstances purchase it and how what to do re banks etc

when does a lawyer come in

who can act or advise re process, steps, and amount of putting in an offer to purchase.

how is it effected if it is currently in receivership? what do i need to watch for.

are there people who are expert at investigating and putting in n offers on our behalf as there is with residential properties? buyers agents? how would i find them ?

what can i do to minimise my risks in any way of making mistakes or losing more than i've sought to gain with purchasing a business.

are expressions of offers binding? at what point are they binding.

how can i learn all i need to re the process and how best to manage the process.

how does one find out about rental agreements or lease agreements and how do they vary?

what else do i need to do or know

also can i find out info like how much the business was sold for in the past?


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Francine can you please articulate your question a bit clearer? it is a bit all over the place to be honest and I am not sure how to answer?


A BA generally does the DD required however even if you did find one (GR stated somewhere in the commercial section that he did not know if any existed for small business) you would still need to know how to successfully operate a small business.

Both are two very different things.

Have you thought of gaining employment in a business you're interested in and learning the business side of things or how to do some DD yourself?

It's sounds like you may benefit from this otherwise you are taking a big risk investing money into a business with so little all round knowledge. Others can only help you so much.