Office fit outs

Hello all,

Recently Redwood Advisory purchased an office minus the fit out. The staff will be glad to be able to work from the 'burbs'.

So - I would like a recommendation in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne for the complete office fit out and design. i.e carpet/tiles etc and desks and partitions. office is just over 100sqm so pretty cool and its brand new so just a 100sqm piece of concrete at the moment.

Also, will need signage on windows and sign at the front, recommendations on signage would be great also.

N.B consulted Scott no mates who was helpful with review of contract of sale thanks mate!

Thanks in advance

Cheers, Ivan
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Congratulations on the purchase.

Fitouts are interesting. Have fun.

Absolutely RPI they are - been accused of not being interested in Wedding planning and have challenged my beautiful girl with wedding planning PLUS office fit out.....a quick google search produces results however, with a 60 day settlement, i'd love to hit the ground running with a design first - approve and get the fit out done on settlement.
Cheers, Ivan
Hi Ivan,

I have a couple of contacts in Melb that can help you.

I can call you tomorrow to discuss.


Were you not able to negotiate some fitout as part of the sale? Even carpets or ceiling tile grid?

Hey Dave, there were 2 prices, one with fit out and one without, their fit out price is way overs, and with a family in the building industry i could get carpets and ceiling at wholesale - and I am not sure on design so don't know how much carpet v tiles for example. Plus I negotiated an awesome price - so win win.

Thanks again buddy
Hi Redwood,

I work for Schiavello. We specialise in commercial fit-outs. Our services includes design, manufacturing and installation, basically, from A to Z. You can visit our website at