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From: Anonymous

Anyone out there have any experience, good or bad, with network marketing / MLM schemes?

I ask because a couple of friends are pushing really hard to get me involved in one at the moment. I think it's called IDA or something (it's associated with Amway I believe.)

If their figures are anywhere near the truth it could be a great way to create cashflow to help fund property investments... but I'm somewhat suspicious that it will involve a lot more effort for a lot less reward than they are making out.

I'd appreciate any thoughts, experiences or advice anyone could share. If anyone can point me to some hard information on these kinds of things I'd also be very grateful.

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From: Michael G


I personally found that its like anything, for it to work for YOU, there has to be a;

- passion - without this, you will feel blocks are too much and will be able to go on.

- self-motivation - you need to be internally motivated, I've seen (and myself too) people stimulated to be motivated in seminars, and go home and sit in front of the telly.

I've tried it, but it didn't work for (but I did try it!).

But property, well, I can talk all day about it :), Ive been able to motivate others, and regardless of the problems Ive faced am still motivated and exited about property.

But that's my view.

Michael G
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From: Manny B

Hi Anon,

a couple of friends of mine got into a couple of these schemes & were trying to talk me into it (this is around 10yrs ago) as we would become millionaires through it (I didn't buy it & never got into it & didn't even go to one of those free promotion nights). Now 10 yrs later these friends of mine are still in their full-time PAYE jobs & are probably still pushing sales as part of these schemes & are still a long way from becoming millionaires... I think if they had put in this time & effort into realestate from back then, they may have been millionaires by now... ;)

If I was approached once again to get into one of these schemes, you would know my answer...


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From: Anonymous

It's like everything in life, if you work hard and stay motivated, you can make money.
If you're like the 95% of people who give up on things as soon as they strike an obstacle, you won't. Simple as that. I've seen it happen time and time again in all different types of investing and business.
I have personal experience of the IDA system, and I have to say that although we're a bit slack with building any sort of business through them, their personal development system is brilliant. We stay in for that!!
And I know a couple of people who started around a similar time to us, who have put the work in, and are now making good money from it.
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From: Manny B


I agree with you there, if you put in the miles (hard work) you should be rewarded (as long as the scheme does show allow for profit once you get enough clientele)...

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From: Rolf Latham

Hi Anon

Choose carefully. Many MLM systems are like "insert whatever only better".

Friend of mine did very well in the Jewelway business, effectively retired from the residual income. That was great till the company went bust.

MLM is a 97/3 proposition. 97 % of people wont make it to any extent. I maintain that the benefits to be gained from good MLM training systems can be significant for your self-improvement, and possible side ways shift into other business models.


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From: Geoff Whitfield

You've got to be worried when you parents try to enrol you in a MLM. Mine did!
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From: Anonymous

A friend of mine tried to get me into Amway many years ago. The usual rhetoric followed. I would be a failure if I didn't.I deserved better for myself! If I worked hard at it I could give up my day job! Blah, Blah, Blah.
I said to my friend at the time that the day he rocked up in my driveway with a better car than mine, that would be the day I would listen to him. That was 10 years ago. I know he worked damn hard at it. I still have a better car than him (a 1980 sigma %$#@box, four rental houses,and he never got anywhere in life. My view- What a waste of energy!
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From: Jakk Bass - The SLUM LORD

G'Day all,

reminds me of an interesting story from about 12 years ago.

At the time my world had crumbled, I'd lost nearly everything, I was unemployed, couldn't claim any social security as my tax returns were in a financial mess, (2+ years late), and a heap of other rubbish that I was trying to sort out and cope with.

Out of the blue I got a phone call from a bloke I knew that was a schoolteacher, he told me that he knew of the plight I was in and he had a business proposition for me that change everything and put me back on the road to financial success.

I was to meet him at this Elwood, Vic. address the following night.
He wouldn't tell me any more until then.
With nothing to lose, (and I do mean NOTHING to lose), I went to this house in Elwood.
Nice house, a lot of people there and there was a meeting in this huge rumpus room.
The people that owned the house, I found out were both Accountants but had now retired (early 40s I'd guess), and were now living off the income stream that they had generated from this business.
What really impressed me at the time was the 2 BMWs in the garage, onboard computers and all.
Anyway, there was a lot of circles being drawn on the whiteboard and the guy was talking about walkaway income etc etc etc.
After the talk, while I was making a pig of myself on the free sangers and Monte Carlo biscuits,(just love them Monte Carlo biscuits, and back then I seriously couldn't afford to buy any), the bloke that had originally rang me up, came up to me and asked what I thought.
He told me he had resigned his job as a schoolteacher so that he could put all his efforts into "Growing his business".
I didn't want to upset anyone (as that would have meant leaving and not enjoying the great taste of any more of those Monte Carlo's, and the coffee was nice also), so I just nodded and smiled and said that I would discuss it with the missus.
I drove home thinking, I need money NOW and these guys want me to sell soaps and encourage other people to do the same.
Sorry, not my cup of tea.
12 years later, today, I got up about half an hour ago, just before 10, WHY?... because I can, What am I going to do today? anything I want, I haven't decided yet. WHY? because I can. I have just realised while typing this post, I LOVE MY LIFE!
As for the schoolteacher, he went back to schoolteaching, so he's probably listening to classfull of noisy kids at the moment, once again, not my cup of tea.
He obviously couldn't "GROW HIS BUSINESS" like he had hoped even though he gave up his job to dedicate all his time to it.

To all you Amway people out there I say, YES I know that some are making bucketfuls of money by selling soap (yes I also know that you can buy other stuff from Amway, even brand new cars, I've been told).
But once again, I'm afraid, that wasn't my cup of tea.

And before anyone says that maybe this schoolteacher went back to teaching because he enjoyed the work, He told me at the time he absolutely hated it and that's why he wanted so desperately to get out of it.

If you want to try Network Marketing, go right ahead, just don't coming knocking on my door, I might be still in bed.

Jakk the Slum Lord......and loving IT
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From: Splinter Wood

Good reply Jakk..

Anon, the message is clear but I will give you me 10 cents worth as I've BTDT and now sit in a mode where I can slum it too if I feel like it,,, matter of fact i feel like it now........OK I'll finish this mail THEN I'll slum it.

These Schemes AMWAY, Herbalife Blah Blah are all pretty much the same. Filter out 99.9% of the BS you will hear .." No this is DIFFERENT.." " It's all changed now.." "they even sell mercedes cars this way.." " in 5 years time, 80% of all retail will use this method.." Blah Blah freakin Blah.

If you put the same effort into say AMWAY OR your 'Own business' (Don't be misled into thinking AMWAY will ever be your business)then you will possibly achieve the same result.

Work hard, stick to your formula + Goals + multiply the business etc etc and you too can be a millionaire. The only ones I met who 'Made it' seemed to disappear soon after and they actually turned out to be scum bags anyway.

Beware of all the hype and BS - all designed to suck you in baby !

You CAN learn a lot from the experience as said in a prev post but the actual success of the MLM thing is very limited and the fat cat who started it is making zillions and the 99% of punters are simply foolish unwitting low paid salespeople.

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