oil on carpet

We are making the house we are in liveable for 18mt5hs, and pulled out an old oil heater. Unfortunately this has leaked along the floorboards under the carpet. It was stood on and has now come back up through the carpet I have tried carpet shampoo, then nappysan direct when I thought it was just dirty footprints, and then turps when I realised what had happened. I have now stood on sheets of doubled paper and sopped a lot of it up, however the turps didnt shift the stain. It is good quality carpet in good condition and has taken the beating I have given it over this so will stand some more drastic action, however we dont care abvout it and actually have another piece of ordinary carpet we could replace it with. This is a lot of work though and would prefer not too. Any suggestions of how to clean this stained area up a bit. Do you think bleach would lighten the stain? Anyone??
Don't put bleach on your carpet it will remove the colour! I cant help you but I know that Shannon Lush has a talk on ABC radio on Richard Fidler program on thursdays and she knows absolutely every thing about removing stains.She also has books out and a website you can join www.homepalette.com.au to access info on stain removal and all things to do with cleaning.
We (well, the baby) spilt (well, poured into some shoes) some machine oil on the carpet (it soaked out of the shoes) and it left an interesting stain. The carpet is polyethylene or something else cheap, modern and synthetic.

Came out with Softly wool wash in warm water and scrubbing with the nearest scrubby thing we had on hand, which was a toothbrush. Then lots of dabbing with just warm water to de-froth the carpet.

But you might have made it worse with all the stuff you've already done.

The shoes survived too, btw ... much blotting paper was used.
My lovely partner took the car to the local carwash - used by all the big trucks - and returned home, tracking size 12 boot marks of truck sump oil all over our (rotten old) carpet and (favourite) rug.
The carpet we tried to clean as best we could - with everything from eucalyptus spray to three kinds of carpet shampoo. Precious little luck, but wasn't a huge problem because we threw it out a couple of months later to replace with floorboards.
Didn't dare try cleaning the rug. Instead, he booked a carpet cleaning guy to come around - that bloke got it all out in about half an hour, no worries. Didn't charge all that much either, from memory ($100, something like that), and it was money well spent. I suggest you ring a few of them.
Yes. My reaction to the good news that he'd ''washed the car and, oh, er ... there's this other little matter'' was not at all fit to print!:D
Some months down the track - with lovely polished floorboards instead of manky carpet, and the rug restored - I'm able to be (a little) more philosopical.:rolleyes:
Sounds like kerosene has bee droped , so the two solvents are turps and the other is metho, not the one you get on the streets but the one you get at the hardware shop, this should break down the stain ? try a little first, as i am not certain, :confused:

Bugger what a waste of my 2000 th post,
How about brake cleaner. Its a solvent that you can get from Repco and is great for oil stains. I use it at work all the time and it does the trick. Soak the area and a rag and rub the area well. :)
Not thread stealing , but we were cleaning the outside of our window, i have used detergents in the past like sugersoap and dishlex , then i scrub the windows with a bucket and soft broom, its been ok in the past , but on sunday i went to the under sink dept of detergent stuff, and spotted the rinse aid used in the dishwasher,
i used this as if i would a detergent, and WOW! the results were as good as if i used a squeegy thing, there were none of those water spots on any windows , so for those there is another heads up!:D
I have bought a bottle of the spot remover (for oil & grease) from the hire a carpet shampooer stand and that has worked a bit. I think another 3 goes will have it down to a dull roar. I must have been extremely expensive carpet thought as all this hasnt damaged it one iota