Online Bookstores for Real Estate

I am looking to buy several property investment books online. I was interested on any members feedback or recommendations of any online bookstores specializing in property investment so I can bundle a few together for ease of delivery.

I am familiar with & would appreciate links to any other recommended sites before making my purchase.


I have bought quite a few from EBay myself. If the book I am searching for is not available than I save the search and when someone puts it up I get an email.

Just recently I got an email for Ordinary Millionaires:

I have already got this one now so thought I would post it for you if your interested.
This store has many books but offers no refunds - so choose carefully


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I'm not sure how many investment books they stock but I only ever buy my books from

They have free, yes you read it correctly, free worldwide postage. The postage is incredibly fast also. I have ordered a book on a weekend before and it has been delivered to my doorstop on Tuesday. Fantastic.

Maybe checkout what book you want and then see how much it is through them.
You can search by author, book name or the ISBN number which is on all books.

Hope that helps :D