Only one bathroom

We are looking at a house for renovation in a good area. It is a small house on a small block, had 3 bedrooms lounge room, dining and small across the back of the house rumpus room. It is high at the back and I believe adding french doors and a deck will do wonders for resale value, plus of course, proper built ins, new kitchen, bathroom, floating floor etc. But... is there a barrier whereby people will not pay above a certain price for only one bathroom. I would be aiming it at families
depends on whether the toilet is separate. most families are okay with only one bathroom as long as the toilet is not in the same room.

otherwise, is there any way of turning one end of the long/narrow rumpus room to a 2nd bathroom - or at least a 2nd loo? even with only 3 people in my house we desparately missed the 2nd toilet when we relocated the 2nd bathroom as the 1st toilet was in the 1st bathroom so if someone was in the shower, or brushing their teeth (or hubby disappeared in there with his book) etc, one just had to "hang on".
I agree with Lizzie on this one, the second toilet is essential. When I renovated a townhouse in Cairns, the cost of putting in a ground floor bathroom was prohibitive but to convert the store room, off the laundry, into a toilet was very reasonable so I went with that and it certainly has helped with letting.

I actually got an architect in and his ideas saved me hundreds of dollars.

We're looking at buying a 4br house reasonably early in the new year and the house has an incongrously small bathroom. It is barely enough room for a shower stall and sink and has no bath - I'm going to have to go back and measure and see if there is some way to get a bath in there or knock down a wall and make the bathroom bigger, it is just wrong to have a 4br house with no bath. The bathroom is also one of those 70s specials with deep brown tiles and an orange vanity so I'd have no compunctions about destroying it.

It has a separate toilet in a room the same size as the bathroom though so small mercies there. I agree separate toilets are absolutely critical. I find that small children have an uncanny ability to be 'busting' the instant you want a shower. Our house has two toilets but one is outside and we use it as tool storage, our house is more a 'starter' or 'retirement' house than a family one, which is why I want to move.
Is there a good girls school in the area? If so, then I'd imagine many households would have at least 2 females, in which case, two bathrooms would be almost mandatory :D
Tell me about it. This house is full of girls and a very effeminate male with long hair, who is the main bathroom-clogging culprit here.

We're building a house next door with two bathrooms :D
My last Ip had one bathroom with no toilet. The toilet was on the back verandah.Not as bad as in the backyard but still outside.

$1000 bucks later i had a toilet installed in the bathroom as well as keeping the one on the verandah. Made a big difference. two bathrooms would be great but second toilet is a good improvement.
What a great idea, practically a whole bathroom for $1000. Yes, I was wondering about just an extra toilet. There is a hall cupboard in the entrance foyer, but think this would be a bit yukk! Anyway, moot point as the house has just been sold, not distraught as not looking that seriously at the moment just getting the lay of the land.
Young people like 2 bathrooms but once you have had a few years having to clean 2 bathrooms, one starts looking real good.:D