"Oops!!, I think they are on to me"



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From: Gee Cee Clay

If you ask me it looks like this guy spent too many hours at the Uni Bar.
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From: Adam Randall

I think the competence of this person needs to be questioned
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From: Les .

G'day Tom,

What happened, mate? Was it a quiet night or something ? ;^)

I had a quick read and reached a few conclusions pretty quickly.

My first conclusion was that I should send them my "sign off" ("Eschew Obfuscation") - but that thought immediately raised some questions :-

1. Would they understand the humour of it?

2. Would they understand it AT ALL, or would they banish it to the 12th percentile without a second thought, or even a double-blind retest?

3. Would they miscalibrate that my esoteric combobulations were fractionally diminished by a delta = 3.14159 .... (or worse, perhaps - gasp!!!)

Having set aside that course of action, I felt I should inform them of the fact that another (sorry, can't quote the author, but I was impressed) had already put their 23,000+ word thesis into less than 50 words (below)

"Their are four kinds of people -

1. Unconscious Incompetents - those that don't know that they don't know ....

2. Unconscious Competents - those that don't know that they know ....

3. Conscious Incompetents - those that know that they don't know, and

4. Conscious Competents - those that know that they know."

A helluva lot easier to read, too, don't you think?

An interesting diversion, Tom - and thanks for the laugh,



- "Eschew Obfuscation" - ;^)
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From: Michael Croft

Hi Les,

The four stages of a persons development were taught to me as a learning or skill based hierarchy. I did a course, might have even been Zig Ziglar, about 15 years ago and the following was used.

1. Unconsciously unskilled = stage one when you don't know you don't know. A bit like leaving school with a great "education" and knowing nothing about wealth creation.

2. Consciously unskilled = when you discover you don't know. The credit card and personal debt start to bite and you realise that you need to get your act together; or for baby boomers, a less than wealthy retirement is fast approaching and realising you must do something.

3. Consciously skilled = the learning process. Could be like joining this forum, getting debt under control, doing seminars and buying your first IP. You still have to refer to the 'manual' and follow the steps.

4. Unconsciously skilled = mastery. When you instinctively know what to do when investing. Not having to look for good investment opportunities because they come to you and there are so many of them.

If you think about it all skill based learning follows this pattern. I have yet to find an exception, but they may exist.

I too would like to credit the author but can't remember who s/he was and I'm not sure the presenter gave credit either.

regards, Michael Croft

"Human knowledge and human power meet in one, for where the cause is not known the effect cannot be produced." - Francis Bacon
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From: Jeanette .

I think that when we come across an incompetent person, we shouldn't bring it to their attention because we don't want to shock them out of their false level of importance. Ignorance is bliss !
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Competence Freebie!

From: Paul Zagoridis

I used this metaphor back when I ran courses. So here's a freebie.

Remember when you learned to drive?

As a child you were unconsciously incompetent. You didn't know how to drive and didn't realise it.

Consciously Incompetent - your first time behind the wheel. You didn't know how to drive and hooboy do you know it!

Consciously Competent - Somewhere between L's and P's. You can drive, but nobody is allowed to talk to you while you do it. You can drive but it takes all your attention to keep doing it.

Unconsciously competent. Drive, talk, eat, abuse other drivers and check the street directory AND street signs. Did you really pay attention to every gear change and turn on your last drive. Yes it is mastery, but it happens without your attention.

Hope you liked it.

Paul Zag
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Competence Freebie!

From: Michael G


And if you failed to see that stop sign or traffic light and hit that truck, you're back to unconsciously incompetent until the ambo arrives, then you're just incompentent :p

Michael G.
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