Opinion on investing in Woolloongabba - Brisbane

Hi there,

I'm a Sydney-sider and am thinking of buying an investment property in the Woolloongabba area.

I was wondering if people could share their views on the prospects of capital growth in this suburb?

I am thinking of purchasing house and renting it out...
Are there any pockets of Woolloongabba that should be avoided?
Hi all,
I'm new to this forum. I've been reading a lot of the activity that goes on here and have decided to pop my head up and ask a few questions.

Subsequent to posting my question about Woolloongabba I located a couple of threads about the prospects of investing in the Brisbane property market.

Wooloongabba has been spruiked over and over again over the last 2 years as THE place to investing close to the CBD. It has growth written all over it...:D
Parts of the gabba are very low, flood map below - blue is flooding, ochre is overland flow.

The gabba was down and dodgey for decades. Criss crossing arterials didn't help (SE Freeway, Ipswich Rd, Stanley St, Logan Rd)
But it is close to town and coming off a low base, and due for extensive infrastructure upgrades.
So the last 3-5 years has seen it growing at a clip.

A bit of a happening place because the young can afford it still, so coffee shops everywhere. Nearby major employers like Mater and PA hospitals and happening Stones Corner are all positives.

I haven't checked recently, but I intuit some parts will be heavily favored for rezoning to significant higher densities in the 2012 city plan and beyond


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thanks for the info everyone...it's all great.

I'm thinking of heading up to Brissie over one of the next few weekends to check the suburb out first hand.
I can recommend Buyer's Agent, Andrew Allen, who posts here.

He has very good insight into the forces for change on Brisbane's City Plan 2012.

I know he has picked up a few Somersofters from Brisbane airport recently to help them optimize the trip.