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From: Donna Larcos

Other one was getting too long! I've just
had my next round of loans approved so I
am on the trawl in Sydney. My husband is
an architect and when he first began his
studies he bought a social and political
atlas of Sydney. This showed the
settlement patterns from 1788 to 1971.If
you consider "wave theory", i.e. as one
area fills and becomes too expensive
people move on, eventually an outer limit
is reached determined by infrastructure
and then people return to gentrify the first
area again which fifty or seventy-five years
later is looking a bit seedy. According to
settlement patterns, each wave lasts
around 25-35 years and according to the
map we are probably in the mid/late
1882-1917 wave at the moment which is
the inner west, Drummoyne, Balmain,
lower n.shore along the railway line to
Pymble, eastern suburbs and beaches.
The best growth in these areas may now
be peaking so what is in the 1918 to 1940
wave as these may be the next growth

Along the northern railway line to Hornsby
Mt Kuringai and Mt Colah, northern
beaches from Curl Curl to Mona Vale,
from Strathfield to Parramatta, down the
south western rail line from Dulwich Hill
to Bankstown; Mascot, Alexandria,
Rosebery and St Peters and in the south,
Cronulla. You could say this is already
happening with gentrification of
Erskineville and new infrastructure at
Green Square in Alexandria hastening the

The wave after that (1941 to 56) includes
Pagewood, Hillsdale, Matraville,
Maroubra, Little Bay, the greater south
west down towards Campbelltown, Most
of the Sutherland shire including Miranda,
Caringbah, Engadine and the Ryde,
Epping areas. The next wave, you'll
probably be dead for as it could be sixty
years away but this includes along the Gt
West Highway to Penrith and the lower
Blue Mtn, new developments to the west
of Campbelltown, in the north around
Terrey Hills and in the south around
Minto, Campbelltown proper.

Any comments? Thought it might be of
interest. Of course new infrastructure
developments can skew things a bit,
such as development of the Woronora
bridge and the Eastern Distributor. Also
the southern corridor to Wollongong and
Kiama may rival the Northern Beaches in
the next decade or so. There are already
people in my workplace commuting daily
from as far south as Ulladulla and as far
north as Gosford and Terrigal.
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From: Jude H

Howdy TW,

The special Jude touches? I said them! But these are Jude special touches so dont you be copying now, you hear? LOL

"But what if I go a tad outside the magical km radius, or change the plan slightly? What if I can buy well with no reno? Or reno and can sell well? Or buy/reno/hold 15km out? Then I'll do that too."
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From: Ian Parham

Good Evening Donna & All
What a wonderful post.
If it is true...Eureka!
If it is not...I don't care because it was a great little read.
Hopefully "surf's up!"

...I did reply again to Roberts earlier post on 'Opinions' with a little more on the St George corridor.
Cheers Ian
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From: Gee Cee Cee

Great Post Donna.

I know what you mean RE: Wollongong area to Kiama.

I have sold a few places lately to part commuters & part work from home people.

New infrastructure going in everywhere.

Not a tidal wave but the wave has rolled down the coast.

Happy investing

Gee Cee

PS Commuting from Ulladulla. Now that is a drive & a half.
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From: Sergey Golovin



It is excellent post!

What a detail break down.

If you have something else, please let us know. Do not go away.

Hope to see you again on forum.

I always knew it is more then few talented people out there.

I actually base my tidal waves on 12-year cycles - in conjunction with Suns activity.
And this year 2000-2001 is the highest. And all living organism are running around bit faster then usual. I mean all, not just humans alone. They are producing too much heat and steam. And then once they exhausted, everything slows down a bit.
May be not. I do not know.

It is funny world out there.

Serge G.
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