Outside Entertainment Area support posts

I am a little concerned about a property I am looking at which has an outdoor entertainment area / awning which is attached to the property, but only has one support beam on the side that is not attached to the property.

I would have thought it should have 2 or 3 support posts and I am concerned that too much weight may be put on the house to support the attachment?

The awning is basically a colourbond material with some clear parts to let light in.

Does anyone have any experience with these and if it is dangerous would a building and pest inspection pick this sort of thing up?
Very similar to the part on the left of this photo in size, shape, and materials used - colourbond with clear sections in between.

Where the other flat (non-sloped) section starts in this photo I have attached, imagine that being the house, so the part on the left (sloped) is attached to the house.

There is only one support beam holding the entire structure (about the size of the ones in the photo I have used as an example), the other support being the house I guess - I'm just a little worried that it isn't enough.

That kind of hollow steel beam can span long distances, with lightweight sheeting on top.
As long as the connection points are strong, there should be no problem.
I used that Stratco style post and beam construction for my back verandah not long ago.
It is spanning a distance about 6.0m, the beal is 125mm deep.
My front veranda used the same style, one end connected to the facia and the other end supported with a post, spanning about 4.5m, the beam is 100mm deep.
Yep, that's Stratco. We recently replaced out (home jobby) timber pergola with a (professional) Stratco job, and the number of external supports was more than halved. And it won't move - it's fantastic.

Happy to send some pics if anyone's interested.