Outside the box - 2

From: Dale Gatherum-Goss

Hello again!

Another thought, and Michael your country property might be useful for something like this, is to . . .

Talk to the mobile phone companies about them renting a part of your rooftop or land to install an antenna. I understand that they pay quite well.

Again, you get a second rental income for doing nothing.

As always, there are the usual caveats of getting good legal advice, council permission and the like.

If it works for you, go for it, if not, hopefully, the concept will and you will discover more ways to increase your ROI.

Have fun

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From: Michael Croft

Hi Dale,

Was at Palm Beach at the weekend and our unit is having a body corp induced cosmetic make over. Optus made an offer to the body corp to place a tower on top for $15k p.a. The place has an asbestos roof an a deal is being negotiated for Optus to replace the roof with a colourbond steel one as well as the rent - it looks like they are coming to the party.

As you can imagine they are only interested because of the location, location , location, high up with commanding views of Pittwater hence the tower.

The rent from Optus will fund the rest of the makeover which will in turn add significantly to value.

The weather and weekend were fantastic by the way :)

Michael Croft
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From: Jeremy Laws

Heres an argument if your owners association doesn't want a phone tower on your building. "Do you want it on your neighbours building, and get all the radiation beaming AT you AND missing out on the rental - which is very good!"
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