Congratulations to Sim and all others concerned!

This new forum format is succinct and a pleasure to use.

Personally I am in the habit of reading most everything posted as a means of assessing what the market (general public / us forum members) requires as far as property investing goes.

So a BIG thumbs up from me!


Agreed. Excellent concept.

But was is this 'Junior Member' stuff? Are we being ranked now? How? Is it like the military, length of service or is this a social class thing?

(I can't imagine Steve Navra being a junior member of anything...)
I agree with Steve. Now I have looked at this a couple of times I am very impressed with the job done. So easy to use and track threads. Once Again Thanks
I agreed with you Silvergost.

I think Uncle Steve are well beyond his junior day. I think he should be designated as expert or at least a Senior in our College of Property Investment!;)
Hey Guys,

The 'Uncle' Steve and 'Senior' thing makes me sound sooo old!

Sometimes in life it is okay to be called a junior!!