Oven door handle

Hi all
I have an oven door with a broken handle that needs to be replaced. It's a Modern Maid Flinders model.
Where on earth do I buy something like this?

I would try to ask a large whitegoods retailer in your area first, if they are of no help I'd ask a repair shop, then the manufacture.

Good luck,

Thanks Lotana!
I don't think my brain was 100% switched on this morning when I posted this question, once I woke up some more I did think of looking in the Yellow Pages. Doh!! hehehehehe
G'Day all,

Just as a reference for anyone that may need any stove parts,
I seem to always be able to get what I need or something that will suit, at a place in Fern Tree Gully.

The name of the place is Ferntree Gully Appliance Repairs and they can get electric elements for just about anything as well as most other parts.

No, I do not have any interest in this business, but they have helped me so much over the years that I felt a compulsion to give them a plug.

Ah, Jakk, I read your post and nearly fell off my chair laughing...
Guess who was the first place I rang regarding the oven door handle?
Unfortunately they didn't stock anything like that, but they were very helpful in suggesting other places to try.
I've also found them incredibly useful many times before!!!