Would love to hear some of your feedbacks regarding overseas investing - personally, our family portfolio (as well as that of our clients) is mainly focussed on Japan - we're more than happy with that as our main line, considering the cashflow and hassle-free management and business environment - also have some US note investments bearing equity potential (main reason being that we have no desire to attend there in person, and/or be hands-on, so owning property outright is a definite negative for us there).

These days we're considering moving our Euro-based term deposits into property investments or related vehicles as well, since interest rates on the currency are paltry - so doing some initial research into IPs in and around Europe and/or other locations in Asia - cashflow and affordability (which translates to diversity) being our prime directive - would love to hear a bit from those of you who are/have been invested in other countries, too.

(Please, no mining towns/oil fields/warzones etc - doesn't have to be Tier A, heart of the city penthouses, we have no problem with blue-collar, lower income etc, but no "here-today-gone-tomorrow" type things)

Thanks for sharing, looking forward to reading your stories!
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Thanks Ziv,

Unfortunately I don't believe there will be much traffic generated on this post.

The SS posters are true to Aussie property haha

Come on guys prove me wrong ;)

I would love to get feedback from people that have bought anywhere world wide. Please share your experience.

Thanks and have a great day.
I know of a family member in 2012 who made a bucket load on Greek bonds. After the dust had settled and the Euro bailed out Greece (not sure how many times now) I think there were easy 100% returns made in a 3-4 month time frame.
Interesting I've been thinking about Japan for a while, but if war ever breaks out I'd get murdered over there.

Gallieo Funds does quite well there.
I use to have a house in England many years ago. We lived in it initially and kept it when we came back to Australia.

In the ten years we had it its value went up just 15%. Property management was not up to the standards I had come to expect in Australia, and being remote, I didn't realise this.

Although prices shot up shortly after we sold, to have kept it would have meant putting more money into it than we had.
Hi there,

I agree that most users on this forum are AU-centric in their strategies, though there are some European locations and of course the US as well, that there are some quality posts on.

It is interesting that you mention Asia (outside of Japan). Reason being is I've kept a casual eye on a couple of markets there that are identifying as 'emerging' for the investor audience.

In fact, it's worth reading this PWC report found here:

It looks at emerging property markets in Asia Pacific and cites places like Jakarta, Indonesia, for instance, as having potential and good growth drivers.
London 1-bed, 20 mins on tube from the City. The yields are much higher than here c.7%. Interest rates much lower c.3%. Capital growth over last two years c.15%. Rent increased with every new tenancy. Fully managed by a local agent.

With AUD near historic highs, would happily consider investing over there.