Paint stripping


I live in an old federation home with double brick walls and wood window frames.

Both walls and window frames have at least +3 coats of paint on each (I think as I scratch down through the layers I saw dinosaur bones in some layers).

Anyways...could you guys comment of your various means for stripping back to the bone (pun intended).

Please describe in detail how you do it, how labor intensive it was, and what was the result.

Michael G
I think the first thing you need to do is scrape off a section and get it checked for lead. The outcome may determne how you go about removing.
Aside from that, the easiest, but most labour intensive is a heat gun and scraper. Works for me.

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The stuff in a tin branded Accent. Not the cheapest.

You slap it on thick like gooey Vaseline, it bubbles the paint off, you scrape it, voila, no paint (but lots of stuff that looks like alien skin and bodily fluids)

Took off a wall of very thick dark greasy gloss beige with it in our kitchen. It took off about 4 or 5 coats at once, but got stuck on some really chalky pink stuff umpteen layers down. Trick was to put it on, wait for bubbles and scrape before it soaked away. Really easy to get it off.
Don't lean over the area after you apply the gooey vaseline type of paint stripper and when it starts creating fumes. Managed to get half a lung full of paint stripper fumes when stripping house paint that had been painted on a bath.

Not a pleasant experience..
a heat gun will lift the paint , three layers should come off nicely.

another method used in antique furniture renovation , is 500g bicarb, and 2 liters of boiling water, soak the timber , and continously , scrub the surface, with brushes, but don't use real hair, as it eats them away,

the paint stripper is very expensive, and normally used on cars etc, if you use this method, always totaly wash the surface , as it leaves a waxy surface, sugar soap and warm water will fix this.

but a good heas gun would be my method of choice, ;)