Painter required on NSW Central Coast

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  1. Glenys Shepherd

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    28th Sep, 2002
    From: Glenys Shepherd

    Hello all

    I have an IP at Bateau Bay on the NSW Central Coast and I live in Tassie. I am looking for a reasonably priced painter to paint the outside of the house. The quotes the agent has given me seem a bit over the top so I would appreciate any names or referrals and I will contact them myself.


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  2. The Fence

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    1st Oct, 2002
    Bush NSW
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    From: Thorpey !

    Hi Glenys,
    I had 12 years on the Central Coast as a tradesman in the building game(fencing & landscaping) and still have a couple of IP's there.
    Your quote may have been a bit on the high side due to the demand at present (and the past decade).
    I dare say a bit different to Tassie.
    However, I do know a very good painter who I know is very busy (all good tradesman are busy).
    Peter Phillips (mobile)0419 215 022 Ph/Fax: 02 4384 7955
    Tell him "johnny the fence" sent you! He will know who!

    Hope this helps you,

    John Thorpe
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  3. WebBoard

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    From: Guy Wood

    I got a bloke called Peter Boyle (024976195) to do my last IP at Swansea. He did a great job, for a very good price.
    Guy Wood
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