Painting interior of a property while it is tenanted - is this ok?

This question relates to me as a tenant, not a landlord, but hopefully someone can give me some advice as it would be good to know when/if I need to paint my new IP sometime too...

The place I am renting at the moment is apparently going to be painted INSIDE sometime in the next few weeks, I'll probably get just a copule of days notice of exact dates. The place doesn't really need painting, but unfortunately for me it is Qld Government accommodation (that I rent through my job as it is in a remote area and the only accommodation available) - and they have decided to paint a few of the residences here. Where do I stand here? This is going to be such a pain - they are doing ceilings as well as walls, and I think they are going to have to sand back a bit because the areas where there is a problem with the paint it is because it has raised splits. And, I admit I know nothing about painting etc, but this place is easily 1950-60's vintage and made of asbestos fibro I'm guessing(including exterior walls) - can these be sanded/painted safely with my stuff getting showered in dust?

Would I have to move all my furniture by myself if I want it out of the way or put back (not even remotely possible as too heavy and movers put it in when I got here) - I don't want paint and dust on everything! Do I live here whilest they are doing it, or should they provide alternate accommodation? What are a tenants rights in this situation? This is really bothering me because the standard of work that we normally get from the Govt contractors leaves a lot to be desired, and I just know I am going to come home and have dust and paint over everything (also, my windows can't be opened as they are jammed - supposed to have been replaced for 2 years now, but still not - so the smell is going to be just great also) - and then they will walk out and leave it as is and it will take weeks to clean up.

So the LL wants to paint the place so you can enjoy your subsidised accom. and you want to find every reason why you should not be inconvenienced? :rolleyes:
Gee, thanks for such great advice Propertunity.

FYI If they wanted me to enjoy my 'subsidised' accom. then they might use the painting funds to replace the unopenable windows (EVERY WINDOW except the bathroom 4 louvres) - that way when I get home in the afternoon the place might be a few degrees less than the 38deg it often is. 'Subsidised' accom. or not, it was cheaper living for me when I lived in the city and paid rent, but then I didn't have to drive several hundred kilometres each way just to get basic food, nor did I face the frequent reality of coming home and finding tradespeople in the house unannounced, or pay as much in insurance premiums and excesses for the break-ins and trashing of our cars, and our belongings within the accommodation that we endure at regularly courtesy of the locals.

There are plenty of reasons why we should not be 'inconvenienced' in yet another way, but the painting is going to happen no matter what, I'm not trying to stop it. I was simply asking what, if any, requirements they had to meet with regards to the possible asbestos issues, dust and fumes (asthma!), whether they would 'paint around us' or we have to move out temporarily, and how much notice we should get in case we have to move things and if they should move some of the bigger stuff for us - because I'm a single female and it is physically not possible for me to move some of this furniture by myself. And if you are going to reply with "well ask the Dept. what they are going to do with regards to all of this", I have tried and no one seems to know - we can't even get a minute's notice that a tradie is coming out to do something at our place - and it takes them half a day to get here!!! So, I am just trying to get some idea of what would be the norm. What would you do if you were a landlord - the govt. obviously didn't think to wait until staff changeover/movement in a couple of months time.

Thanks to anyone that might have some useful advice.

It is not really 'normal' to paint around your tenants. Most LL's would do this in between tenancies. If the LL really wants to do so, I guess you can say No, or make another time, or say Yes with certain conditions - like they move the furniture, put you up somewhere for the duration etc.

As a tenant you are entitled to 'peaceful enjoyment'. The only time they can really enter unannounced is for emergency repairs etc - which clearly painting is not.

They really should communicate better with you.

It would be unlikely that they would sand asbestos - too much danger for the painters as well as you.

Sounds like a bit of a place you'd be better away from - but I don't know your personal circumstances.
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I don't know how useful this might or might not be, but my mother rented a Qld housing unit for a number of years. When they decided to paint the units some of the tenants (including my mother) successfully argued for theirs to be left alone. It was quite a few years ago now, and I can't remember exactly how they went about it but I seem to recall they put an objection in writing. I would give it a try if I were you, especially as you suggest you might be moving in a couple of months anyway. A letter stating that fact and saying that you don't wish for the place to be painted at this time might work, can't hurt. I think from memory the tenants at my Mum's place might have been allowed to skip the painting at that point in time but were told they would have to allow it next time it was offered. Maybe yours is being offered for the second time so you are obliged to allow it, but to wait that couple of months would surely make it easier for everybody.
As far as government housing in a remote area is concerned, the most sensible option for repainting interiors is to send painters to the town/settlement and do all the properties at the same time.

No professional painter is going to sand asbestos. All painters have drop sheets and can cover anything too heavy or difficult to move.

Another avenue for advice may be your union.

I don't know what right they have to inconvenience you when the place does not even need painting.

The paint smell will be horrible.
Will they offer you temporary accomodation elsewhere?
I personally wouldn't be able to sleep in a freshly painted house.

If they don't offer alternative accom tell them to bugger off because you are alergic to paint smell or tell them to leave the paint with you and you'll do it yourself.

I wouldn't let them paint while I'm in the house.