Painting over worn out decking

Has anyone had any luck painting over worn out decking?
Is this the best approach and if not, what else would you recommend?

This will be for a PPOR so would like it to look good.

We did it with our PPoR rear deck a few years back (2002).

It's merbau, which had faded grey/silver.

I tried to restore the original merbau colour first, by blasting it with the gernie and then cleaning it it with "sickens" cleaner, but it was no good - the silver colour remained, so we decided to paint it.

I used normal Wattyl Solargard. First, coated the edges between the boards with a brush, then rolled the tops of the boards with a heavy roller.

Looked great, but some 7 years later it needs doing again.

The colour was Musgrove. We are currently doing a reno on this house, and the new colour will be Colorbond Dune. We picked this colour as it is lighter, warm ans soft and the house is to be painted a fair bit darker this time, so we wanted a bit of contrast with the house. (see our reno thread at; for more updates as we go.)

You want the colour to be a bit lighter to make the deck appear bigger, but not too light that it reflects the sun too much.


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Hi wealth,

Is it possible to clean the deck and then re-stain it?

Failing that, painting does make a huge difference. I'm currently in the process of painting a very tired looking wooden perimeter fence. It's looking heaps better!
Thanks for the suggestion.
Unfortunately its too worn out to just stain it...I think.

Anyway, I will give painting a go and see how it goes. Finger crossed.
Hi Wealth,

We had the exact same problem with our small deck here in Brissy. The sun really beats them to death.

We had them sanded back and re-stained. Only cost us $500 to have our small 4*7m deck done in 1 day. They even sunk in all the raised nails by hand.

Maybe that is another option and it now looks better than when it was brand new. Only sad part is they could'nt do underneath the railings and we have to do that by hand.