ParkTrent Investments ????????



From: David Cavanagh

I'm looking into my first IP. I've had a chat with Parktrent and they seem OK, not as pushy as others I've had a chat to. What is their record and are they above board. There is so much bad press re the markups in prices in S.E. QLD properties. Can anyone offer any comments, good or bad.
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Why I don't buy from property marketers

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From: Paul Zagoridis

I don't know anything about this or most other property marketing companies.

The real estate agent is never on my side. If that agent is a marketing company, the same holds true.

Sure they are promoting an investment (I do it with films) and many promoters genuinely feel they are a good deal.

I am not in their target demographic. I like to understand the area I invest in. It costs them far too much time to hold my hand through all that.

Promoters want people who get quick rapport and make a quick decision. Alternatively they want lots of people in their pipeline who don't need lots of individual attention.

If you fit either of those categories, and don't have time to become educated, take their deal (if there aren't specific warnings against that company/promoter/key staff).

You pay for the convenience. But REI is very forgiving for long term holders. (that last comment will get me flamed).

I'd recommend you consider specifying the criteria you want in a property and engaging the services of a property locator. There are a couple in this forum (they don't spam us and are nice people).

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Why I don't buy from property marketers

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From: Francoise B

RE: Parktrent - for what its worth, this is my view: I went to their seminar in Perth on 5Oct2000. Have been to over 20 different seminars, so I can make comparisons! They were very one-sided, in that they showed the stock market as being high risk and to prove their point, showed the recent performance of only tech stocks which had taken a dive (where were the "blue chips"?!). They also conveyed the "act now/urgent" impression to catch the Sydney property boom (a little late, don't cha think?). I found them to be very pushy, they rang me several times after the seminar.
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