Partnership vs Going Alone?

Hi All,

Just canvassing some thoughts - what would you do in this situation? We owe about $300K on our ip (also a warehouse that is tenanted). Looking at investing into a warehouse in Sydney - asking price is $800K. We are looking at either buying it ourselves or going in it 50-50 with an uncle under a trust legal structure. Rent would be $50-$60K p/a.

We only have about $150K on hand so if we go alone I doubt we can get a mortgage for it having to borrow 81%....we've went in on property deals before with this uncle - twice. One ended quite well but the other time it was a bit iffy (we weren't really happy with each other).

Speak to a good broker & find out if you can go it alone. It's always risky bringing someone else into your investing.
My opinion: Do it on your own if at all possible, otherwise save up more and do another deal on your own at some point in the future.