Pascoe Vale - cnr Cumberland & O'hea

Afternoon all,

Apologies if I've posted this in the wrong thread.

Does anyone know what the development next to Dorothy Impey home will be, on the Corner of O'hea and Cumberland (next to the Pascoe Vale RSL).

I've trolled the Moreland coucil site & 'googled' till I was blue in the face, and still can't find any clues!

hmmm, I remember a board going up selling townhouses off the plan around the east side of cumberland road there....but if you are talking about the west side of cumberland road...I have no clue. I think there are a few factories / warehouses around there from memory?

Hopefully it's something exciting!!
Thanks Mez & PropertyVic

Called Moreland council (insert elevator music for a 40 min hold)... then I gave up! I'll try again tomorrow!!

Mez, hoping it was going to be mixed use, with at least a small retail component!


We did the same thing last year before we moved in around the corner, curios about the future development rang Moreland Council twice and on hold ended up not worrying about it.

I know of a proposed safety crossing on Ohea and Cumberland across from the RSL but thats it.

If you do find out, please share with us :)
Okey dokey

Submission is still in its infancy, it's not been approved as yet. Coucil has asked for further information which is due back mid April. Issues at the moment are being delt with by Vic Roads (I am assuming to do with influx of traffic, and possibly not enough allocated car spaces?). Address is 23-35 Cumberland Road.

The developers (I believe they are called 'Fastnick Consultants', but I didn't quite catch the name), have applied for permission to build two three story multi unit dwellings. She couldn't see any reference to it being part of the Dorothy Impey home, so I am guessing units or townhomes? No mention of any mixed business/retail. Bummer!

Moreland council said Advertising will be erected once past the first stage of approval.

not to surprised really,high density housing seems to be the way forward for Moreland Council unfortunately,

Why where you keen on retail outlets when theres a retail strip with a crapola coles only a couple hundred metres from there :D