Past Prices

Someone mentioned a site that had the prices that houses were listed for by suburb. Does anyone know the name of this site?
Hi there,

I'm a bit confused about how onthehouse works. It only lists some prices (especially properties in Melbourne). Are there other property price sites that show results for Melbourne (in particular Brighton, Hampton, Sandringham areas). Also interested in websites that show reports on particular properties in these areas, i.e. history of sales, etc. Am searching the forums here...just not sure which sites are worth paying $$ to subscribe to. Any help greatly appreciated.
Just bumping my previous post up - hope that's not against the rules. Toying with the idea of selling current PPOR (Prahran) and purchasing PPOR in bayside suburbs (Brighton, Hampton, Sandringham). Current PPOR excellent location but too small. Hoping to purchase larger PPOR in suburbs mentioned above and then purchasing couple of IPs against equity in PPOR.