Paving in Brisbane - realistic prices please!

From: Denise Macadam

Hello all, can anyone assist me please.
I may have very unrealistic expectations when it comes to pricing for having some paving done. Am seriously considering selling the PPR soon to move into properties in my area with potential to move house and subdivide. So looking to have some paving done now to give my house plenty of "wow power", front path - pave over existing garden bed, not a large one. Wanted it done as economically as poss - not in concrete to save on costs etc. Had originally wanted the pool surrounds paved over existing yuck pavers - (suggestion from a paving man). An Ip in the area also, will need a little bit of decorative paving done on this also - eg. front path to door. Well the quotes i have received mean I will need to sell my house to pay for the paving!!!or get a second mortgage! Good gads so expensive. Anyone have a lead on a paving person, I live in the Hawthorne, Balmoral area. Have been made redundant so don't have mega dollars to throw around any more. I have not a hope of doing this type of work myself, so need to get "a little man in" do you know of a cheap man????!!!!
Any leads gratefully accepted
With thanks
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From: Dan D

Hi Denise,

Paving can be very expensive. I had a few quotes done several years ago to have a driveway paved. Had to go for concrete as pavers were just way over the top in price.

Being a gal with soft hands, doing it myself was not the go either.

There is a cost guide for building available at the Archicentre site.

This will give you an idea of the cost of paving. About $30 to $50 per square metre for concrete. Pavers will add to the cost depending on how expensive they are.

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