Paying bills with BPay view

I've just discovered BPay view, and reckon it's the best thing since sliced bread..

Here's a run down of what it's about..

Basically, you can be away from home, receive a bill online (even to your phone if you have access to the net), then set the date you want the bill paid. No need for paperwork and remembering the due date. Only problem is not every biller is registered for BPay view.. hopefully all will register soon.

Register for BPay view, to at least save the trees :D
This is how I pay my bills


make sure you have plenty of cash in the account especially if the bill amounts can vary alot, because some banks will charge you a overdrawn or dishonour fee if there isn't enough in the account. This is of course if you have it set up to pay automatically.
In the past I've paid bills on the credit card which is kept to the limit to make use of the interest free period.. but as you suggest can easily go into overdraw if you set the bills to be paid in the future. Now paying from the offset account.. bit of a trade off I think.
I've used BPay for years, but not BPay View. A couple of companies send email notification and then require logging into their website to see the bill (my choice), but most still send paper bills.

BPay is brilliant. I don't know how I ever did without it. Damned annoying now when I get bills that can't be paid with BPay (are you listening accountants? :D).

I tried to talk my parents into setting it up for themselves, but Dad's still old-school. Likes to write a cheque, jump in the car and drive down there, and pay over the counter. One day maybe!

I actually have all my regular bills set up with my customer number ready to go. I have worked out how much each regular bill is costing on average per f/n and every pay day I pay through bpay the f/n amount to that future bill.

This means that when the bills come in they are either in credit or I owe a piddly amount on them.

I pay council rates, phone, water, child care and credit cards this way

I know it would be more effective to put that money into an offset account and pay the full amount on the day due but it gives me peace of mind knowing that what is in the account is mine and not going to go out for bills next month.

Great satisfaction getting a phone bill for $1.65.
I pay all our bills by either credit card and pay out the card each month, or post bill pay (which is also a credit card payment if you wish), and a few on BPay.
Just remember that some times you may get the wrong bill or they make a mistake and over charge. Try getting your money back once this happens. Normally have to go through the hoops a few times before credit is given on next account. Always check your bills and accounts very carefully and watch out for double billing.