PDF Converter Software (Purchasing)

If you guys had to purchase (not download for free) a really good PDF Converter software which one would you choose.

I currently had Nitro PDF but it is really annoying me. I just paid for their blo**dy upgrade and now when I convert a 1.5gb word doc it increases the size to 3.5mb!! If I try and optimize it, I lose clarity.

Anyway I am over Nitro and have asked for a refund of the upgrade.

The main things I need my PDF software to do is:

1. Convert from Word or Excel or Publisher or whatever with one click and have it at least make it no bigger in size than the original or even better, smaller than the original.

2. Allow Hyperlinks to work from the PDF.

Any suggestions??
You just go past the original...Adobe Acrobat. They invented it and it is still the ultimate.

It intergrates with Office really well and there are LOADS of compression settings. Savving a word doc as pdf is just a "save as function" or print to pdf.
Acrobat puts a toolbar on all office programmes, so conversion is super simple.

My wish is that acrobat would convert BACK from pdf to word...THAT would be cool.
Thanks Moyjos, I have just been looking at Adobe Acrobat 9 and Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro (still trying to work out the difference) Will see if I can get a free trial of the standard 9.

Maybe like you said use the one that started it all !!
It is difficult to understand their website re licencing. i.e. If I purchase the software today at Hardly Normal how many licences will I get, just one computer or more?? I will have to research that.
Wow it sure is expensive $531.00 for just the standard Version 9 !! And it doesn't tell me how many computers I can put it on!!!!
At work, we have Office 2007 which appears to have "Save as PDF" as standard functionality. (It might need a plug-in that work has supplied :eek:)

At home, I use OpenOffice and that definitely has "Save as PDF" as a standard function - it'll open Word/Excel docs no problem! So I suggest: create your doc in MS Office and save in the necessary format. Then load it up in OpenOffice and immediately "Save as PDF".

(And for PDF reader, I've canned Adobe and now use Foxit Reader. MUCH smaller footprint, loads quicker and supports tabbed documents.)

That's brilliant Wobbly, I did not even realise that was there (I have only had Office 2007 for a fairly short while).

I just coverted a document that Nitro converted to 3.5 and it is now 1.05mb with great clarity and the best thing is hyperlinks work fine too!!

I wonder now how Adobe can compete with this type of thing!!
Hmmm, interesting! I thought one of the 'benefits' of PDF was that it was a secure document that couldn't be "modified".

By this instruction, I could receive a PDF (say a tax invoice), save it as Word, modify it (add a zero!), then save it again as PDF and it would look like a legitimate tax invoice PDF from a supplier.

But I guess the "average Joe" doesn't have Acrobat (not reader)...
I use FinePrint pdfFactory Pro V1.34,it is the quickest and easiest to use.
It sets itself up as a printer,if you can print the file/doc/photo you can PDF it.

I also have and use Adobe PDF ,however that takes 4 times as long to do a file.
I use both as the individual need arises.
The benefits for Adobe PDF is the ability to add notes to the PDF file if you need.
Both obviously incorporate in word and other programs.

Fineprint has the ability to reprint a passworded pdf to an unsecure pdf and then able to join hundreds of files to one file. Eg:Book. :D

If your file is encrypted in Adobe PDF,you cannot join it to anything else.

Do you understand what I mean?