pdf question?

Can I print the displayed zoomed in section of a pdf document? Can't seem to work out how to do this as it goes back to printing the original doc on A4. :confused:
In the toolbar, there should be a icon of a camera with a dotted box around it (snapshot function). Click on this icon, then on the area you want to zoom in and print, drag a box around this. It won't show it zoomed in, but it will when you print preview. hope that helps?
Thanks VB,

I located the camera tool, zoomed in 800%, highlighted the area and previewed the print but it didn't blow it up in the preview and it printed out at original small size. Any other ideas?
Another way which I find useful is to simply zoom in with the scroll button and zoom tool to the section you want.
Then right click, then click print. This open up the print box where you'll see 4 possible selections in the Print Range area.
Select Current View.
Check the preview of the document on the right side of the same screen to see if it is what your after, this can be changed from the same box.
Hope this helps