Perth Builder Recommendations

Hi there everyone,

This is my first post, recently discovered this forum and been quietly observing because I didn't think I could contribute anything. HOWEVER, recently I bought a property in Booragoon and its sub-divisible. The layout/zoning of the property is such that I can have 2 frontage homes, maintaining the existing building (renovate in the near future) and the other half can be developed.

My question is which builder would people recommend to build a single storey home? Looking for quality but value for money.

Concepts such as these (but single storey?):

This will be my first project. Looking forward to discussing ideas with everyone. :)

This is the current floor plans of the house. By knocking off the carport and part of the living area should make sufficient space for the other block. Also I would need to knock some walls to open up space in the existing building.


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