Perth Flute Lessons

I have decided to start teaching the flute again, and have set up a website, registered a business and everything. Link is

I guess I'm posting for two reasons:
1. any feedback on the site would be much appreciated!
2. I can't be the only one on Somersoft who plays a musical instrument... what do you play? I also play (self taught) piano and guitar, and I sing (well, I used to sing.... now if I sing, my husband asks me if I'm in pain :rolleyes: smarty pants that he is!)

So go on, what do you play?
The site looks good.

Minor quibbles:
1. On the home page the middle bottom graphic flashes around a bit too much (iPad and iPhone). Each graphic flashes on, then off, then on- changing every couple of seconds. Smooth changes with each pic staying a little longer would be better.
2. On iPhone the title word Lessons is not on the same line as Flute
3. I don't like the silver on green on the contact form.

Otherwise good.

I don't play, I sing. I was doing barbershop chorus earlier in the year, sang Messiah last night.
I use google chrome, it looks fine in that. Only complaint i'll make is the resolution - or maybe its a margin issue ie too much at the top and it makes part of the page a scroll down whereas it should all fit in one screen.

As to your question, I play nothing. I have the rhythm of a gold fish.
Wow! When are you going to have time for that between working and the furnished rentals?!?!?

I played the flute at school and the piano - both hand me down instruments from my sister.
Thanks for the feedback guys, it is much appreciated. The website I used was a DIY one so I'm unfortunately not able to do things like change the resolution. I will see if I can remove the flash component from the middle panel on the first page, I'm hoping I can! I'll also try something else with the contact form to make the font easier to read. Again I think this is limited, but I'll see what options are available to change it.

Haha Myf that's what my accountant said! When I got in touch with her to talk about my options for setting up a business, she was like, 'You need children, you have too much spare time'! I must admit, I do like a project :p and I do enjoy teaching. I have a couple of littlies (around 8) and they are so cute!

So we have a singer and a flute and piano player... any others out there? There must be!
Well, of the collection I listed previously....

Casio CTK-7000 (my main board - which I can sort of play 3 finger LH + 1 finger RH!)
Yamaha PSR-500 (back up)
Ensoniq ESQ-1 (managed to blow it up - hoping to repair "one day")
Roland Juno 106 (got a DCO that won't turn off! )
Korg EX-800 (rack mount version of Poly800)

Roland TR-505 drum machine
Yamaha QX-5 Sequencer (no I don't use it now - Anvil Studios on my laptop is so much easier!)

Roland CPM-120II powered mixer
Roland HK-20 (yes I still use it)

Ibanez Axstar
Roland Cube-20X amp

Unfortunately the Roland Juno 106 and Ensoniq ESQ have been consigned to the hard rubbish collection :(

The HK-20 is starting to show it's age and failed several times during live performance
(not good!)..... Running the board now through an old Tandy/Radio Shack/Realistic 20W PA amp and speaker with 2 x 8" drivers. Does ok.

The Y-man
A very small point. Change the site's title tags from "perthflutelessons1" to "Perth Flute Lessons"- that's what shows in the tab on top of the page.