Perth Home Buyer and Property Investor Show - This weekend!

Hi All,

I know everyone on here loves freebies and as Damian is one of the main key note speakers at the event we have been given access to some limited free tickets.

Here are details on the show:

Seminar topics will include:
◦How to research, find and secure the perfect investment property loan for you
◦How to buy and negotiate like a professional investor and ‘bag a bargain’
◦Property Investment – how to find, buy and hold a profitable portfolio
◦How to maximise the Tax Depreciation deduction on your investment propery
◦Property Hot Spots – the best suburbs to buy in now in Perth and around Australia

To book your free tickets:

THIS WILL PAGE BE CLOSED AT 4PM Friday 18th of March
Thanks for the info Kent,

Who is Damian ?

Also, perhaps I didnt;' notice it on the links, but what time does the seminar start / finish on the Sat & Sunday ?

How much do tickets cost if people dont' get freebies ?
I apologise to a few of you who missed out on tickets after the 4pm close off. Hopefully we can get free tickets to the next one.

Why was there a Friday 4pm close off?

Other exhibitors there still had their free ticket offers open all throughout the show. I just logged on and printed off all the free tickets I needed..