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From: Duanne Ginger

Hi all,
There are some new developments in Perth that sound (to my uneducated ears)like good opportunities for purchasing investment property, I would appreciate your wise comments on my observations.

MIDLAND. There is to be a re-development of the old train yards and surrounding areas. Midland has already begun to grow on this news. Will the 50 million $ (or so I heard) upgrade of the area make it appealing to home-owners and renters or is it just too far from the city to make a difference? Is is worth buying a unit off the plan in this area or not?

SOUTHERN RAIL LINK. The Perth to Mandurah line is finally beginning to be built. What suburbs will benefit from this new development? Will it mean greater housing density (units/townhouses/etc) or will it mean greater land values of existing properties?

OTHER? What other opportunities appear sound in your eyes in the Perth area?

New to IP's so please excuse my lack of knowledge......
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From: Rixter ®

Hi Duanne,

All research points to a Midland boom in the future and your info is correct. Also a redevelopment authority has been formed to oversee the changes. Incidently it is the same Authority that got the job to makeover the East Perth & Subiaco redevelopments..A new Rail station is planned , various govt depts are moving out there ie police, state housing is being reduced from 1 in 3 to 1 in 11 or 12....if you been out there lately you will notice some of the new works have been housing and street scaping taking place. A canal feature is also on the drawing board for the Helena River similar to Ascot Waters .....I bought an IP in Midland last year for the future growth and the figures are beginning to come to fruition with a 10.7% growth rate in the last 12 months for the area.

Hope this helps
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From: Duanne Ginger

Thanks, thats what I thought. I cant really get into an IP yet, but I'll keep an eye on the area.

Appreciate the insight.

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