Perth or Brisbane


It looks like we will be relocating to either Perth or Brisbane for my husbands work. Could anyone reccomend to me some nice suburbs in both states - we will be renting as it will be about a 2 year posting. We will be looking at low maintenance townhouse/unit/apartment very close to the CBD - my husband will want to cycle to work. Upper limit will be around $500 per week. I have a 15 year old daughter so needs to be close to good public secondary school (she is having a major fit about moving).

I'm hoping for Perth because we all love the beach and I think the more laid back lifestyle there will be great - but on the negative side it is a long way away and my husband has 3 sons here in Melbourne (early 20's) and my daughters father is here in Melbourne. What state do people perfer?
I don't think there's a huge difference between Bris and Perth, biggest thing is the flights will cost more, and take a couple of hours longer. Perth's a bit quiter, closer to beaches, people are friendlier. Bris has less crime. They are just my experiences though.

Look into Mt Lawley High School. It has a good name. Mt Lawley is a nice suburb.

I think Brisbane State High has a good name.
No choice - the work my husband does on the particular account he is on is coming to an end and there are quite a few opportunities in Perth and one in Brisbane.