Perth Prop Meeting - Wed 21 Jan: Value-Add Projects that Make Money! (Session 1)

Firstly a happy new year to everyone! We hope this year is a spectacular year for you and your families.

Over the Christmas break PropertyMeeting has been working hard to come up with a calendar of events that is sure to stretch the investing muscle of our group members and push them to be much more educated and well-rounded investors. We are going deep into each of the investing strategies over the courses of the year, using investors that are currently walking the talk, so that you get hands on detail on what to do and how to do it. As we progress through the year each meeting will build on the foundation we are creating with this first meeting. We hope as the year unfolds you will join us on this journey and enjoy the results you will reap along the way.

This Month

Back to basics. Renovations! If you are a new investor just starting out or a more seasoned pro, there is one thing we can all agree on. Renovations are the bread and butter of value add projects, and you need this tool in your arsenal. This where most serious investors start out and many continue to use this strategy for value adding and cash flow projects. However getting it right is paramount to your success. Sound simple right?

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