Perth Property Meeting 25 Sept - Pilbara Update and Investing with others

Wandering about what is happening up in the Pilbara given all of the recent publicity about the end of the mining boom? Also have you ever thought about investing with others but did not know where to start. Well? this month you will learn about both. For more information please see

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would be interesting presentation. hopefully it is up to date enough to have market updates that reflect what has/hasn't happened since the end of the mining boom ended ?
Yes I am interested.

I do know of investors who can not sell OTP stuff there are no buyers. Surprise, surprise.

I have heard that some of the larger developers with OTP stuff are offering settlement only after the apartment has been rented for agreed rental price, generally 10% return. Its a tough market at the moment for anyone selling.
Being familiar with the region, I am biased so I'll try not to voice my own opinion.

The presentation pretty much went along the lines of:

- Karratha / Port Hedland have lasting futures ahead of them
- In order to ensure these, the government is stepping in to provide infrastructure for sustainable development. This includes community centres, hospitals, WWTP but also affordable accommodation for service workers so people can afford to get a hair cut in town
- Building costs are higher than elsewhere due to cyclone-proofing