peter spann

Hi all

I see Peter Spann is having a seminar tommorow night, 8th oct in sydney,its only $28.00 so I presume it will be an appetiser only.
Has anybody been to one Peters seminars before.

any feedback welcome
I suppose I should go and see for myself

cheers rob

I haven't been myself, but, I am familiar with Peter Spann's ideas after a client of mine was good enough to provide me with a complete set of notes from his seminars . . . the $28 seminar is well worth a look.

Bye the way, whilst the notes were good, I would not recommend you spending that much money on a seminar.

Have fun

Dear Rob,

Have heard mixed information good and bad about Peter Spann.

However I do feel that first impressions do last.

His book appears to be about becoming an overnight millionaire and he flaunts the blonde long legs and ferrarri on the front of his book.

Quick riches is different to a long-term investment strategy.

I would agree with Dale, take the cheap bait but then concentrate on what you can learn from books and the practical input/advice you can get on this forum.


I agree - spend the $28 - you won't regret it. PS is not everybody's "cup of tea" - but I can almost promise you that the evening will be inspirational, and even somewhat entertaining!!! Depends where you are in the investing "learning curve".

Keep in mind that this dude went from broke to multi-m in 12 years - and is up-front enough in his "intro" seminar to say straight out "You can learn all of the info I teach in the weekend seminars by reading books - about 300 books - you choose which you would rather do" (or words to that effect..)

I went to the full $3000 course (as it was then).

At that stage, I did not have a clue about r/e shares retirement or anything.

He switched me on to a world of possibilities. I haven't gone down his recommended path- but I would not have even had a hope of going into r/e (apart from me DHA safe negative-geared property).

I guess I could have got the info from elsewhere.

But I would not havehad the knowledge (or the motivation) to move if it had not been to the seminars.

If you are self-motivated, you can pick it all up. Just the fact that you are in here means that you've got a big start.

I believe that the full Spann seminars are not going to continue for much longer in their present format.

But, that's OK- if you really want to know the techniques he's presented, there's at least several who are doing an almost exact copy.
Hi Rob
I went to Peter's intro night, and it was the best $50 I ever spent. Not sure if it's the same intro night you're going to for $28!
I say that not necessarily because of anything Peter taught, because most of it I'd heard before.
What happened for me, though, was that he talked about a way of combining investing in both shares and property, and I had light bulbs going off all over the place.
I still use elements of the ideas he talked about that night, and plan to use more of them in the future. I don't follow his system to the letter, but I know one thing - that night I got a lot more confidence that some of the things I was doing were a damn sight smarter than I'd allowed myself to believe.
I'm a big believer in finding knowledge wherever I can, as long as it comes with a small price tag. If I learn one or two ideas from an intro night like this, then to me it's been worth it.
I second what Lissy said. I was enthused by Peter's seminar that I attended recently as it consolidated a few things that I already knew, and gave me a few more ideas to work on.

I have also been to the free teaser evening presented by HK's people and would definately say that I got a hell of a lot more from Peter's evening.

Free (or cheap) learning is good learning.

Hi geoff and others

I was pleasantly surprised.
He is a slick presenter,and one must be wary of someone constantly posing with his ferrari,so I was a bit wary.

The seminar was split into two parts one for r/e and the other shares
I didnt stay for the 2nd half which was shares,but did enjoy the first half.
Iit was a promo for his company freeman fox to get you as a client ,he did cover alot of real estate questions and the short tubby guy has a sense of humour.
What was refreshing was he didnt get into the pos/neg debate and handled difficult and stupid questions with the same proffesionalism.

my advice go

Rob P
A firend of mine went to a share traders seminar after going to Peter Spanns. The share presenter said the way Peter Spann does share trading is _Very_ risky, espically if you don't know much about shares to begin with.

I think that "risk" is often a product of people's inexperience, rather than the actual truth. Most risk can be managed to an acceptable level if you're willing to spend the time and make the tough decisions.
I remember going to a presentation by a share options trader (something many many people say is too risky!) and he's done very well out of it. And yet - he only works on the buy side of options. I was doing stuff on the sell side, and he hit the panic button.... that's too risky!! hehehehe
Having said that, though, these types of strategies are extremely risky if you don't learn what you're doing before you start and can't make tough decisions under enormous pressure.
response to peter spann query

Dear Rob and others;
I have been to Peter Spann's intro seminar "Welcome To Wealth" 3 times, and have also completed the 2 day seminar "Money Magic" and will be doing the 3 day seminar "Instant Income" next month. After the first time at Welcome To Wealth I was very enthused, but still a bit sceptical and asked lots of questions about Peter Spann and his company Freeman Fox of his staff and graduates before I eventually shelled out the $4,000 for the 2 courses.
Money Magic deals with buying, renovating and renting out properties and also deals with buying and holding a share portfolio.
I have found the Money Magic seminar to be extremely informative and do mnot regret doing it, even though there is a mountain of course reference material that I now have to get through.
The bottom line is yes it is a lot of money to pay, but I think that I will be getting my moneys worth once I finsih studying all of the material and start buying properties.
I realise that this will not be the go for everyone and when push comes to shove you have to follow your instincts and as other people here have said, the information that Peter Spann gives is available from other sources. The only problem is getting it all together and acting on it.
I hope this response is of some assistance to you.
Regards Trevor

I certainly don't regret the $3K myself.

Firstly, I was able toget myself out of a very deep tax hole by borrowing against my home.That's a subject for another story.

But, more importantly, I movedon, and learnt from the information.

I was helped by something of a boom in Canberra, I have been able to use Peter's knowledge to grow and to expand.

I have not used his full strategy in regard to shares. Yet. I've done well so far on the property strategy. I'm just dipping my toes in with shares.

I've since learnt from others- most notably Steve Navra.

But, whatever, I would not have been on this path without the Spann seminars.
Thanks for the feed back, it's good to hear from someone else that has attended one of Peter's seminars.
I am just getting started myself and have only completed Money Magic, with Instant Income scheduled for November.
I have nearly finished reading the manual that I got at Money Magic and have also read Peter's book Wealth Magic as well as "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" and "If you Want to be rich and happy, don't go to school" both by Robert Kiyosaki and am about to start reading The Richest Man In Babylon by George Clason.
I found Robert Kiyosaki's books to be really hard work but I did get something out of them and that's the main thing I suppose.

I hope it goes well.

One thing, apart from the high level knowledge you get, is the low level knowledge.

It might sound basic. But, a book might tell you (for instance(, to "open a trading account... but options...") or whatever.

But Peter will tell you, step by step, exactly what to do. If you're calling an options broker, he gives a script just what to say.

The first time you do it, you're a virgin at the business. And it's scary. Really.

But the script really helps.
I booked and paid to see Peter last week, unfortunately something came up, happens everytime to me. I asked for the cost of the seminar ($28) to be creditted to a video tape($48).
No problems at all, done in seconds.
Four hours of Peter Spann is tough going, so I viewed it over two days.
Save your money, go to a couple of Investors Club nights for free.
The only difference is that The Investors Club is without charge,
and Peter wants big bucks for his.
The Investors club was one of the first to push this type of seminar. There messages are almost identical.
Bruce G.(Sydney)

I might have missed something here.

Investors Club says "Buy one of our properties". My impression was that they were all new.

Spann syas, "Buy an older property, renovate, and hold it. Buy some good solid growth shares. Here's some criteria. Write covered calls. Hedge your shares. Trade options. Use you Self Managed Super fund...".

There's nothing wrong with what IC is doing. But to say that Spann's message is almost identical to IC's I don't think does justice.

KY's aim, it seems, is for a comfortable retirement. That's fine. That would be more than 90% of Australians would achieve using traditional methods.

Spann's aim is to be much better off than comfortable. That's what I'm shooting for.
Geoffw, was wondering about this 90% of Australians achieving a comfortable retirement using traditional methods. All the material I've read indicates that 90% is way too high a percent to say for a 'comfortable' retirement. I don't know what you consider a 'comfortable' retirement, but according to More Wealth from Residential Property page 24 the annual retirement income for couples 82.1% is <= $30000, hardly what I'd call comfortable!
I'm not just trying to shoot you down, but I just felt the figures you quoted were a little misguiding (for want of a better word).
I wasn't sure of the figures- 90% was much more optimistic than I remembered, but I wasn't sure- I opted for a conservative figure.

But I'm shooting for higher than comfortable- that's my main point. Spann shows a strategy integrating shares and property which should, he says, get you far more than comfortable. I'd like that, and I'm working towards it. Not necessarily using his methods all the way- I'm continually learning.

Investors Club is a very good starting point. But their stated intention is to provide a superannuation plan. One which will make you comfortable (that's my understanding anyway). Going with them will provide far more than most Australians will achieve in their superannuation schemes.

I'm not knocking IC in any way. Just that the Bruce suggested that you could learn no more from Spann than from going to IC meetings. That surprised me, given the number of different investment strategies that Spann teaches.