Phillip Island

From: Property Investor

Just wondering if anyone here has any property investments in Phillip Island.
What have been your experiences with rentals, buying, selling, vacancy rates, property managers, etc.

Any feedback would be good.

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From: Anony Mouse

A friend of mine had a house which he sold last year (privately).
I went with him to a RE agent who said something to the effect, that every property on the Island was for sale, they just don't have signs out the front. He had so many listings he did not want any more.
Don't know if the situation has changed much since.

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From: Michael Yardney

I must agree with Anony Mouse.
Phillip Island is a great place to holiday and has good surf beaches. It has lots of holiday homes and retirees, but very little, in fact negative growth. The young people are leaving the area because of lack of jobs.
When looking for an investment property look for an area of strong capital growth.
The average capital growth in Melbourne for the last 20 years has been almost 10% per annum.
And the good thing about property (as opposed to shares)is that it is easy to beat the averages. Because the average is pulled down by places like Phillip Island all you have to do is choose areas with above average growth.
Michael Yardney
Metropole Properties
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From: Brett Watson


Four years ago I bought a block of land in Cowes West for $16,500 last week the bank revalued it and it came in at $90,000.
I would consider this above average growth!!

I am also interested in where you get your information about young people leaving the Island due to lack of Jobs. From the information I have gathered the number of permanent residents on the Island are on the increase.
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