PI on the goldcoast. Whose pockets am I lining?



From: Glenn B

interested to know opinions on companies that push new residential properties for i/ portfolio solely on the goldcoast. is it best to go with them(is their commission inflating my purchase price)or do it on my pat? yet they claim the house price is not inflated because it has to be independantly valued.if that's right ,how do they get their money?
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From: Always Learning

Let me ask a question with a question.
When you go to one of those big jewelry chains stores like "Prouder's" "Goldmarkt" etc and they have diamond ring on sale with independent valuation of $2000 and they are selling to you for 50% off "only" $1000, do you think they are still making a big profit? I bet they are buying that diamond ring for less than $500 and making 100% profit!
The valuation price (even independent valuations) could very little to do with the cost of developing the property, retailing it to a marketing company who sells it to you at nice profit.
I suggest you first talk to a few buyers agents, there are a few on this forum.
Ross, why dont you introduce yourself?
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From: Mark Pardi

Two ways marketers make their money

Percentage Commission Fee

or Mark Up Commission.

For example

A marketer can go to a developer, find out the developer wants say $250 000 per property.

The marketer can make an agreement with the developer to keep any money above this price.

so sell for $280 000 keeps $30 000 in commission

This method is all too common and the ad ons can be in the order of $100 000 in some cases


alternatively a developer lists his property for sale and allows a 3-6% commission for the sale of each property.


The following is not an ad

However Property Buyers Network has an office in Brisbane and they send PBN NSW copies of all the new projects they have negotiated.........and I am yet to see one one the actual gold coast itself

That's all I will say

as I was merely trying to answer your question.

Additionally if you just have to have an IP on the Gold Coast go up there have a working holiday and really check out whats going on

all good

mark pardi
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