Picket Fence

Hi All

got to share the laugh I just had

400 k property val.

One of the Major reasons why property A is superior over subject property

White Picket Front Fence

I thought id seen it all :)

We had a low val recently and arguing valuation benefits of elevated sweeping ocean views vs mossie infested part mangrove, and the mangrove won :(

I just had a valuation for a re-fi come in at $300k
Only asked for $295k (which I thought was at the high end of the scale).
Yeah .. I love valuers :)
The Reno Kings "swear" by the picket fence. They recently sent me an email ot this free link


Have not read it yet but FYI.

Picket....hummm, I think it is that privacey, domain master, thing. In 1880's English a fence denoted wealth. Perhaps a hangover?

Anyhow, thanks for the link Rolf as I have a house I am intending to reno so I may give it a go.


BTW you can get cheap fences on Ebay if you are willing to remove.
Female school teacher/principal types love houses with picket fences.

I assume a combination of 'perfect little cottage' appeal and what they (or grandparents they used to visit) grew up in, either way it's a built in feel good factor.