Playing Monopoly

From: Bruce Graham

Last weekend I drove(taxi fare)a couple
from Manly to the airport.Passing a certain block of units the female said we use to own two units in that building.
Too bad you sold them ,their selling price
today would brake your heart,I said.
There reply was we sold a house,units and their home. There accountant told them there
return was only 2% after -ve gearing etc.
Retired to Coffs Harbour and bought a country
hotel in Queensland.Run through a licensee's
Profit 45% to the gov't, 35% to them and the
licensee takes 20% pays all costs,leaving
the owners with no outlay.
Anyone know anything about this type of investment? I know nothing,but it does sound
very interesting.
Welcome any comments.
Bruce G.(Sydney)
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