Please help newby in Brisbane

From: Tibor Bode

Hi everyone,

A mate of my (the electrician in my team and a good one) after doing some work for me would like to get stack into property investment. He needs help.

His parameters

Annual net 40K (after expenses)
Has home equity around 100K and 1 IP with 60K equity.

Requires mortgage broker (Rolf can you please advise who can help him in the Logan area)who can explain to him how much he could borrow and what can listen to his needs
and potentially an accountant and solicitor.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. If someone needs a very reliable electrician in Brisbane, please contact me on and will pass his details on. He's done 4 properties for me and done a very good job (got only verbal instructions what I'd like to achieve, he selected the items)

Thanks in advance

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