Please kick my tyres.....

So you post on here just to bait clients into seeing you? I would suggest if you spent more time sharing your great knowledge that you have that you would see more customers. I've seen you post some great stuff here, but see way to much 'seek advice' one liners. You do some great articles etc, but dropping hints and baiting I don't like. If you're going to spend the time to comment, especially more then once give them the full details. Is this not what this forum is for?

The OP sounds like a great candidate to see you, I would be extremely surprised if you weren't able to assits them with better structuring of their finances along with possible asset protection etc given s/e business.

I think that's pretty harsh, Terry provides a hell of a lot of free advice on here, advice that he can omy give after spending what sounas like a hell of a lot of years studying.

I have never had the impression that he is baiting us to use his services.

Btw you're right, the OP, along with many other people would do well if they saw Terry but many are penny wise and pound foolish so only ask for help after they've cooked it up. Not saying this is the OP btw as I don't know him, just a comment in general
The op doesn't have to see me, but could see anyone qualified to give tax advice. My initial post was just to alert him that there was an issue, which he didn't seem to know about, and to get this looked at. The thread is not about tax issues so I made a passing comment - a bit like a skin doctor walking past a guy with a cancerous mole on his back and saying I think you should get that checked!
Recently, I have had a similar comment in my private email, or at least along similar lines, that I should provide the templates I had mentioned in some previous thread? Basically that I should share because I comment on this forum?
I was busy packing to leave interstate, I did not have time to reply, so I was "gently" verbally abused and insulted that I can be paid to supply the templates....
Some people have the audacity, to make a judgment or request, and then when it is not met, they use these kind of comments above....:confused:
My values differ in this respect, perhaps that I may be older, but just because someone demands, it doesn't mean one must heel, right?
We are here to learn, to help and to share but please be mindful and respectful that it is not an absolute authority in any sphere, to reply or provide!
So IMHO Terry, you do not need to justify to anyone the answers you provide, they should either take it or leave it, that's all!
Totally agree miw and whilst no one want ss to be a place dominated by spruikers with no conent, I don't think anyone can accuse terry of failing to contribute. I understand bradys comment but sometimes the forum can get a tone of demand for free info that is also unattractive sometimes. People seem to get very upset about professionals offering lots of free advice to lots of people and then at times winning business out of it. Personally I can't see a better 'forum' for weeding out bad practicitioners and giving those professionals an opportunity to give lots of value away and also grow a business. It appears to be win win to me. If anyone has been a paid customer of Terry's or anyone else's for that matter, and wants to complain the forum is always here.

1 I am not on Terry's payroll
2 I am not a regular client of Terry's
3 I have actually paid terry (and mike) for an hour of their time
4 I did not regret number 3
I very much appreciate any response at all, and completely understand the position a professional like Terry would take in posting here.

It is great that someone with so much experience is willing to point out the issues without expecting anything in return, and I would certainly not expect him to give away the full answer for free any more than I would solve your IT problems for free.

I have spoken to Terry off-forum and may well use his paid services, partly because he comes recommended by several people on here, partly because his initial response demonstrates capability and partly because IMHO being willing to help a poster like me by posting what he did shows he's willing to give before receiving and that puts him above a name I might drag up off from a google search.
I've never met, spoken to or corresponded with Terry - I just know what I have read on this forum.

There are a number of professional people who come on this forum only for business development purposes - giving very little in order to protect their IP yet generate leads for their business. Fair enough too for them I guess - I'm not sure how successful the strategy is in the long term though...

But Terry isn't one of them. If anyone had asked me over the last seven years that I've been watching this forum, who has given the most free, professional and accurate advice across a variety of very practical issues including trusts, tax, succession planning and structuring to forumites, my answer would have been Terry.

So it sticks in my throat a fair bit to see him attacked for a behaviour that he is (IMO) the least guilty of on this forum. But that's life I guess...