Please recommend me a painter for PPOR in Perth!

Hi all,

Time to finish painting/repaint the PPOR. Does anyone have any recommendations for painters in Perth?

It's difficult to give an estimate, but what price range should I be looking at to paint a 4x2, walls only in a 250m2 dwelling? I'll need the paint too and obviously I'll get a few quotes.

It will be 1 coat in all the living areas/main bedroom. Seal and 2 coats for 3 minor bedrooms, laundry and 2 bathrooms.
Can you just post the name/details of the painter here as that way when someone searches painter and Perth they get some info..
Somewhere around $7-10m2 depending on painter/paint/coats for the seal and 2 coats of washable acrylic.

Given it is a decent sized house (I would say around 400m2 of walls based on what you mentioned) I think aim for a good painter to knock it out for $2500-$3000.

Be wary buying the paint yourself, painters have trade accounts and get it cheaper, then chuck on a margin which may take it to what you are paying anyway (for decent paint). Could work out about even with him/her buying it and doing the running around while you crack a cold one and watch the cricket.
I'd like a recommendation on a good painter in Perth too please. Thanks

Also does it matter which order I get my works done. Shall I paint the whole (inside) of unit first and then get the tiles and grout cleaned in the whole property. ? Can someone help ?