Pm For Glenroy, Mel

Hi all
can anyone recommend a good PM, Glenroy area, I have recently changed PM but looks like the new PM is not much better.

Cheers, MTR
Glenroy, Victoria

I am always loathe to recommend a property management department that I have not personally used - however I do know members of the Barry Plant group quite well and I can tell you that they have instigated a property management training division tasked with improving service delivery across all agencies. They do have an office in Glenroy - but I do not personally know them.
The problem I do know the quality of their service, I hope whatever they instigate works.

Cheers, MTR
I have been using Northern Real Estate in Glenroy for two years. They are the cheapest PM I have and by far the best out of the three PM's I use. The PM's name there is Gonul Yesilkaya. She is very punctual and I have been very happy with her service. I highly recommend her!