PM in Leichhardt

Hi guys,

I am looking to rent out my property in Leichhardt in NSW. Anyone here had any experience with R&W, McGrath or any other agents in the area?

How are their service compared to each other? Is there any specific PM that you would recommend for the area?

thanks for your help
I highly recommend my PM - Michelle Galletti at Just Rent Sydney. She is fantastic! In fact, she recently got voted 'The property manager of the year' by REINSW! What more can i say.

Just Rent Sydney is based in Annandale and do service Leichhardt.

See their website for more info - Just Rent Sydney
Hi Nanuq,

We service the inner city and inner west and do extensive work in Leichhardt. It's important to firstly focus on the benefits you want to try to achieve from your investment property, then how a property manager can work in with those goals. Whilst I can't speak for your mentioned agent choices, I am proud to suggest we work to be your asset, rather than expense. This includes regular rent reviews to ensure you are always receiving top of market rent, regular periodic inspections to ensure your property is in the best possible condition, providing regular market updates so you know what your property is worth at any point in time, managing your levies (if required), best tenants are in place with your approval. If it helps to testify on this note, our client retention sit on 99.6% over the last 6 years. We're not suggesting that you don't shop around. Merely to consider us as an option when you are ready. YOu can learn more about us at