PM in Nth Brisbane

I know this is directed at someone else, however..

Professional photos and their ownership is an interesting topic. Technically ownership is retained by the photographer in terms of "commercial use". Maybe my photographer just tells me that.

Typically if I pay for them I will still send un-water marked ones to the owners.

Full photos should always be taken at entry, exits and every routine. Your PM is mad if they don't.

Thanks Josh, It appears I can't get my questions answered here either!!!

It appears I currently have a houseful of unknown tenants who aren't on the lease and no photos taken on entry. I'm waiting on a figure for a bank valuation but as my house hasn't been cleaned much or gardening done for 18 months as well i'm not feeling too good about the situation. I guess I have no option but to give tenants notice and start again as the longer I leave things the bigger mess I could end up in.
Thanks R!!
Who do you use INVSTOR?
We've had Entry and Exit Photo's taken with Pure Rentals, and I've been happy with the results.
Photo's are also professionally taken, but remain property of Pure Rentals with Logo( isn't bad as I don't directly pay for this)
When was the last Inspection done?
If entry and exit photos were taken of my property then I never saw them with 2 lots of tenants go through, and they obviously weren't used as comparison for the carpets....last exit inspection there were some dirty trays left in the oven, aircons not cleaned, curtains were filthy and in particular bedroom carpets were not good with several large new stains that did not get picked up, to mention a few.

In the end this was just a minor concern, one of far too many issues that continued to escalate - in the future I won't be giving a PM agency so many chances to improve before I terminate! Rather pay more and get the service I have signed up for!