PM Inspection

It's the little things like the lightbulb issues on this forum and the below that make Dazzlings commercial properties look attractive :D

Must be a new property manager, confused as to why a previous report was not taken for comparison purposes though as the water mark is years old, fixed and sealed. The sealant makes it appear glossy, so unless the ceiling is re-painted it will always show.

The rest is like death & taxes- inevitable maintenance issues on a property

I conducted a routine inspection on your rental property XXXXX

Your tenant is maintaining your property to a good condition however I notice during my inspection that :

1. An area in the ceiling near the dining/lounge area that has a water mark present. I am not sure if this has been there for a while as this is the first time I have viewed this particular property.

2. The toilet is leaking – this needs to be fixed as the tenant is liable for water accounts.

3. Cornice is peeling in the bathroom.

Please advise as to your instructions on the above maintenance issues
Many landlords have little or no issues (eg lightbulbs) so don't be concerned by the questions on here :D. There are other (bigger) issues with commercial, I feel very sure.

I would be happy that this PM seems to be on the ball. You can simply point out that the water mark is an old issue, and the flaking paint on the cornice is noted but that at this time, you don't plan on doing anything about it. Better to have these things pointed out than to have a PM not realise the rent is eight weeks behind and there is a big hold in the back wall!

The toilet is different and needs fixing, both for the reason that your tenant is probably paying for water, and also to protect your property from further damage.

I find managing our houses a piece of cake, with very few issues at all. Don't forget it is the squeaky wheel that makes the most noise, and that goes for the forum as well. For every little (lightbulb) question there are many, many more landlords like me having an easy time with easy tenants.