PM recommendation in Redcliffe / Deception Bay area

Hi all,

Our current Redcliffe PM is going from bad to worse so I need to find a new property manager ASAP! :mad:

Is anyone happy with their current PM? I would love to get some recommendations. PMs (private messages, lol) are welcome too ;)

Hi there scoofy,

Try Donna at Graham Cannon First National.

Donna: 07 3283 6222

They have been very good and helpful beyond the call of duty at times.

Regards JO
Reviving this old thread.

Can somebody else recommend a PM in Redcliffe area please or share their experiences with PMs in the area. I am not happy with my PM and am looking for some recommendations. Thanks in advance.
One of the reasons why we started DE Realty was that we where not satisfied with the service our clients where getting.

The biggest problem we found was that we may find a good manager initially however they then moved on and got replaced with someone who was not as proactive. What I also found was that a lot of property managers where young inexperienced people who may not even own a property themselves thus they could not effectively handle certain maintenance issues properly. this can result in unnecessary call out fees from trades people to fix routine problems.

We established DE Realty almost two years ago specifically to service our clients properties however, we are more than happy to help others in the area. Wayne, my property manager is very proactive and is like a hound when it comes to fixing issues.