PM recommendation in Townsville?

Hey Sue,
I have a number of IPs in Townsville and have used Ella Reid of Century 21 Aaron Moon Realty for the last 3 years. Best that I have come across yet.
Ive used Lido from Krause Raciti Realty

159f Charters Towers Rd
Hermit Park QLD 4812
(07) 4779 1000

Small shop in a good location. Lido is an old dinosaur but the good type. No none sense no lies just good old fashioned service.

I have 8 units with him currently and have used his services for 6 or 7 years now.

If you have multiple properties PM me he might give you the same discount rate Im on as well.



Wanting to change my PM in Townsville, can anyone recommend a good one?