PM Recommendation - Rockingham area

My PM is giving me grief - doesn't return phone calls, too busy - generally getting a bit slack. I'm busy too and don't always have time to constantly follow up things that I've asked to be done or finding out why my statement appears to be (yet again) short on the rent received.

Final straw was yesterday (after a week of ignored phone calls) when it was pointed out to me that 'my 2 bedroom duplex wasn't really a priority in the scheme of things'.

Does anyone have any recommendation for the Rockingham area?

PS, I'm not difficult, really I'm not, just customer service focussed in my day job and expect similar from those I deal with.

Feel free to PM me if you prefer not to recommend anyone directly.
So no one invests in this area apart from me? Perhaps I've started a trend :D

I'm just nervous of making the change and finding that I am no better off! From a financial POV it makes no difference as they all charge the same, I'm just hoping to get a bit better service!

Take care all.
hey..just to assure you.. you are definitely not alone. I just purchased 1st IP in Safety Bay and is looking for a PM too. can't help but noticed that no one seems to recommend established Real Estate Agencies? Is there any reason?

Hopefully be able to get some reply from some experienced investors out there.
We've only had 1 PM, so I don't know how good/bad they are compared to others?! We're with Kwinana Real Estate. They haven't been too bad, doing inspections, emailing monthly statements and the normal stuff.

However when our tenant gave notice to quit about 2 months ago, things got a bit sloppy. She emailed me on 9 Oct saying they were vacating at end of lease 22 Oct. The first viewing was organised for 23 Oct and it wasn't until later that it clicked. They could have and should have organised viewings even when tenants were still in there so I don't know why they didn't.

And then I had to keep chasing them up regarding maintenance issues - what's happening, have the plumbers been out, did you get more quotes .... she didn't seem to be as "on top" of things as I would have liked, but then again, I'm pretty organised.

All in all, I'm 80% happy, but I'm not sure if I'm just a super-control freak who expects 100% service :)